Dwell Well Creative Cure
Start leading the creative life you were meant to live!
Linde is a Texas-based Artist and Interior Designer, focusing on helping women 
cultivate home spaces that promote creativity and well-being. 


My passion for Interior Design stems solely from finding the right combination of layout, and artistic decor for meaningful spaces that promote an inspirational and creative home for women.

I am a an Artist, Art Therapy & Color Coach with proven methods for helping women discover and nurture a creative practice. As a designer and artist, I know that practice can only flourish if there is a dedicated space.

As a Designer, I have found creative ways to space plan and design beautiful spaces that function, even in the smallest homes.

I have applied my knowledge of Space Planning, Design, and Color Therapy from  years of hands-on, on site experiences to my practice. As an experienced Designer, I know not only what “looks great”, but what actually functions, affects moods, and creatively inspires.

My mission is to create this space in your home for you, dedicated to you, and then put you on your path to creating through a series of exercises and daily practices.

Start the creative life you were meant to live!